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The entire community is invited to participate in eight months of experiences designed to aid in the cultivation of an inclusive mindset. The objectives of this journey are to:

• Develop a self-awareness of our biases and their roles, in both personal and professional settings.
• Recognize privilege and oppression and their impact on our community.
• Learn how to create a community where all feel valued and can thrive.
• Commit to impacting the systems that oppress others personally and professionally.

If you are planning an event between January 25th and August 25th with these same goals, the Matters of Social Justice Committee has developed a procedure to approve programs for the Journey to Inclusive Excellence (JIE).

Below is our application form. Please complete each section of the application as indicated and be sure to attach all documentation necessary for reviewers. When the review process is completed, Matters of Social Justice committee will contact you via email. If your event is approved, we will provide you with an official Journey to Inclusive Excellence Stamp and follow up instructions on what you will need to do at your event. 

Program Eligibility: 

Matters of Social Justice Committee will approve programs that offer education of relevance and are taught by qualified educators. Program facilities must be ADA accessible and ethical standards must be maintained. See the attached Accessible Meeting and Event Checklist.

The following program elements will be reviewed:
     • Content and/or Subject Matter Covered
     • Program Objectives/Anticipated Learning Outcomes
     • Instructor Qualifications/Credentials

Registration and Attendance: 

Journey to Inclusive Excellence (JIE) requires evidence that the provider has established a system of monitoring attendance, such as sign in sheets, which include names and email addresses of attendees. Providers must include a sample of the monitoring system such as a sample sign-in sheet. Matters of Social Justice Committee will provide an example of a sign in sheet upon request. The names, email addresses, and attendance forms of all participants should be forwarded to Matters of Social Justice Committee within 14 days of the completion of the event. Matters of Social Justice Committee will provide event organizers with an official JIE stamp and Passport Registration Cards. Event organizers will need to provide enough time to stamp attendees passports. If your event is approved, more information about passports will be provided to you.


If timing and space permit, Matters of Social Justice Committee will provide a free E-blast listing to our current Matters of Social Justice committee mailing list, a calendar entry on our website and event details on JIE social media.


Rejection is at the discretion of the Matters of Social Justice Committee. The Committee is happy to review any re-worked applications.


Journey to Inclusive Excellence (JIE) is pleased to join with you in the approval process designed to support quality education/experiential activities for residents in or around Boone County. Observing the information below will aid you in obtaining a speedy approval of your professional development activities. 

Applications can be typed or handwritten. All questions must be answered. If you are unable to answer a question, use N/A or Not Applicable. Incomplete applications will be returned. Applications must be submitted at least 14 business days prior to the program date to assure timely approval by Journey to Inclusive Excellence (JIE). Those applications received at least 14 business days in advance of
the program will receive notification of their review results prior to the event unless the provider has failed to submit any of the required documentation or further supporting information that has been requested. Matters of Social Justice Committee will not approve applications retroactively. 

If the program is approved, your event material may use this phrase:
“This event has been approved by the Matters of Social Justice committee as a qualified experience on your Journey to Inclusive Excellence”

Any questions from the reviewer(s) may be addressed to the contact person on the application. The Matters of Social Justice Committee approval is valid only for the dates/times/locations listed on the application at the time of submission. There is no limit as to the number of dates/times/locations that can be listed on the original submission; however, all dates must fall within January 25, 2018, and August 25, 2018. Each date listed on the original submission must have corresponding location information, including hotel or convention center, city, and state. The Matters of Social Justice committee will provide evaluative material, which will need to be returned with your sign-in sheets within 14 days of your event. 
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