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Guidelines to Participate:

There are helpful guidelines for having dialogue around difficult topics. We invite full participation and invite everyone to lean into discomfort. Dissent and conflict can be vital to building a community of inclusive excellence. Listen carefully and don’t interrupt. We encourage you to speak up if you are quite and step back if you tend to share a lot. Keep an open mind and be open to learning. It’s vital to remember to work an issue and not a person. Most importantly, be respectful of the speaker even when we disagree.

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Pick up a passport for your personal journey
Passports can be picked up at any MSJ events sponsored experiences, the Columbia Public Library, or on the passport page.
Complete Implicit Associations Test (IAT) 
Explore the Implicit Associations Tests, which measure attitudes and beliefs towards different topics. 
Attend a Cycle of Socialization experience
Select a date to attend a Cycle of Socialization. These dates can be found beginning on page 8 in your passport. Additional dates will be added to the schedule and can be found on our website. This unique experience will assist you in understanding the ways in which we are
socialized, how we are impacted by oppression and privilege, and how we all contribute to maintaining oppressive systems.
Attend experiences that create personal growth
Based on your increased self-awareness through your IAT test(s) and the Cycle of Socialization experience, select experiences to attend which will help you personalize your journey. We suggest intentionally attending the experiences that will challenge your biases and create opportunity for personal growth. Use this journey as a way to get out of your comfort zone. All events associated with the MSJ: Journey Toward Inclusive Excellence have been reviewed by our committee and will provide safe environments to feel discomfort and grow.
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