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Passports can also be picked up at each event or are available at the Boone County Regional Library and at the Dept of Public Health and Human Services, 1005 W Worley St. Columbia MO. Fill out the form below to bring with you to start your journey. 
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About the Passport

Your passport contains pre-scheduled experiences that are available from January to August 2018. Experiences will continue to be added throughout the series and can be added to your passport in the write-in section.

Your passport will be stamped at each experience showing your attendance. At the end of your journey, the stamps will show your steps towards challenging your biases, personal growth and building an inclusive community. 

On August 25, 2018, a community-wide event will be held to celebrate the end of this chapter in your journey. Attendance throughout the journey will be tracked. Attend eight or more MSJ approved experiences and you could win a prize at the culminating event! Stay tuned to the Inclusive Journey website and social media for more information.
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