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Vision Statement: Boone County, Missouri will become a model for inclusive excellence.
Mission Statement:
Matters of Social Justice intentionally foster equity, diversity, and inclusion by creating educational opportunities, raising awareness and providing strategies to bring to life the vision of inclusive excellence in our community.

History of the Matters of Social Justice Committee:

The Matters of Social Justice (MSJ) Committee formed following a presentation focusing on implicit bias observed in expulsion rates in early child care centers. Attendants requested a follow-up event centered around local data and strategies to address implicit bias in our community. Following this event, the MSJ Committee saw the benefit of collaborating together and the need to continue facilitating change.
"Thank you so much for embarking on this journey of self-reflection and discovery. You have joined a group of individuals striving to make excellence inclusive in their personal, organizational, and leadership lives. As a transformational change agent, thank you for taking this important step and for the difference you are making in our community!" 
Dr. Keven McDonald
University of Missouri

Journey Towards Inclusive Excellence Objectives


Develop a self-awareness of our biases and the roles they play both personally and professionally.


Learn how to create a community where all feel valued and can thrive.


Recognize privilege and oppression and their impact on our community.


Commit to impacting the systems which oppress others personally and professionally.

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